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Marysville Bee Company is a small family owned and operated business that initially started as a hobby.  We built and kept our own beehives.  We enjoyed our hobby. 

As word spread, people approached us wanting hives of their own. We were happy to encourage new beekeepers and started making and selling beehives.  We found that equipment and supplies were not readily available in our area.  After researching we decided to start a business that supplied what was missing locally.  We discovered that our quality, personalized service and prices were better than the larger companies.  Most of our business was generated by customer word of mouth because we did little advertising beside handing out business cards.  The quality of the product is what generated sales.  We also believed in teaching our customers everything we could about raising bees so they could be successful.  They appreciated this and came back to buy our products over and over again.

Quality, Value, and Customer Service are what we consider our highest priorities.  This is what grew our business.

We value input from our customers and frequently add items to our store to provide what they have requested.  If you have suggestions please contact us.

Keith and Deborah Greene

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